OB Projects - Destitute children

OB Projects - Destitute children

In mountainous rural areas, living backwardness, lack of material, a lot of children's parents work outside the home, leaving the children to live alone, some mentally retarded children no opportunity to receive special education, but also of his family dropped out of school, there is a lack of medical facilities and lead to the child's condition deteriorated.

Operation Blessing through home visits, in-depth understanding of the needs of the children, bring appropriate help and care for them.

Suffering from the ills of juvenile

15-year-old into Nobuharu home town Xiong County, Zhaotong, Yunnan is a second year student. Childhood suffering from this disease, often stomach ache, still vaguely visible belly there is a small hole visible intestines exposed, because the parents have not seen that their son is suffering from a strange disease, have been afraid to explain in words.

Large bomb survivors

Big bang home the 11-year-old child was seriously injured Luo Ronghua, hands and feet bones ripped off, patrons help rib, he is expected to embark on the rehabilitation of the way.

Is off the wrong diagnosis of children

9 Yearold An Qixiu stomach suddenly rose, the pants do not wear on the initial inspection in Hezhang County, cirrhosis hydrocephalus is late, time is running out, but the county medical standards lag behind, and we want to give the girl more than aopportunities, so she took with her ​​to the Guiyang hospital for detailed examination


The 14-year-old Guo Yunqin, slate elementary school students, have been headaches stalking. Often unable to attend class due to illness, and even suicide thoughts

No longer as partners with crutches

Gansu autumn for more than five years ago, fell accidentally, causing disability rely on crutches, a free clinic, a sum of donations, to change her fate

Timely help

Father seriously injured after a car accident in 2009, the treatment failed death of family economic hardship, the Yan Tang three sisters face school dropout crisis

Desire for knowledge of deaf children

Zou Shi Gui common envious eyes, looked at her sister and write, he was eager to go to school, but the unspeakable desire.

Timely medical treatment

Can not afford to pay the admission fee of $ 2,000, the 11-year-old Yang only the rich could From then on permanent disability

Yang only rich parents at home farming, they came home from school, often doing the chores, cook red bean soup, two feet were boiled bean soup serious burns, wounds began to fester.

A hot meal, a love

Operation Blessing donated two microwave ovens and 45 lunch boxes to slate primary school children can happily eat hot meals in the winter, and continue to study hard in the afternoon.

Return introduce

Operation Blessing cares for the poor and needy, responding with compassion and love to bring them help and hope.
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