Operation Blessing is launching a charity sale of red packets designed by Kathy Chan, a local illustrator best known for the character illustrations of “Little Half”. The proceeds go to OB’s “Good Life” program, a poverty alleviation program providing education, medical, water sanitation and livelihood assistance to villagers in remote areas of mainland China, as well as the “Love‧Walk Together” program, an early intervention and caring program supporting local families affected by autism. (Remarks)

Version A: “Good Life” program

(HK$68 for 1 pack of 20 pcs)

Bringing hope to the villagers in remote areas of mainland China by improving their lives through the provision of education, medical, livelihood, water cistern and sanitation assistance.

(Translation of text:  Abundance & Hope be filled with you always)

Version B: “Love‧Walk Together” program

(HK$68 for 1 pack of 20 pcs)

A life-changing initiative providing comprehensive aids to the autism-affected families by aligning their pressing needs with resources such as early assessment, professional training, family counseling, parenting classes and supporting networks

(Translation of text: Embrace your family with love and peace like the starry sky)

Kathy Chan:From Fear To Dare

The character “Little Half” is a very shy and timid girl who used to compare herself with others and looked down upon herself.  During the process of creating Little Half, the illustrator Kathy Chan projected her own weakness to the character while  setting the plot that Little Half will gain faith and confidence gradually.

We hope that with the support of our programs, beneficiaries can embrace their own limitations, conquer the fear, learn to appreciate their uniqueness and step forward courageously.

(The illustrator is a guest of CBN’s program “As Spark Fly Upward”, a series of life-changing stories and testimonies for blessing and encouraging the audiences.)


  • Free domestic shipping by standard mail (extra fee will be charged for registered mail)
  • Red packets will be shipped by the end of January 2019  for orders made by 15/1/2019.
  • Receipts of payments for charity sale are not acceptable for tax deduction.

Please make cash deposit or transfer to HSBC Account #809401144001 (Operation Blessing Hong Kong Limited),  then complete the following form and upload the copy of bank receipt by pressing the Submit button.   A Thank you for your support message will be shown upon successful submission. 

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Please make cash deposit or transfer to HSBC Account #809401144001 (Operation Blessing Hong Kong Limited), then complete the form below, copy and whatsapp to 95651744 along with a photo of the bank receipt.


Order Form:

(HK$68 for one pack of 20 pieces/pack)



Version A: (“Good Life” Program) _______ pack(s)

Version B: (“Love- Walk Together” Program) _________ pack(s)

Total in HK$: -_____________

(Please make cash deposit or transfer to HSBC Account #809401144001 (Operation Blessing Hong Kong Limited) and provide a photo of the bank receipt)